"Dear World,
Yes, asexuals can be polyamorous."

- An ace poly person who is tired of explaining to people how that works. (via poly-problems)
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I don’t own this photo but I looooove it!!


I don’t own this photo but I looooove it!!

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Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Professor X) asks us about the letter B.

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I’m absolutely in love with Megabee’s superhero fashion inspiration sketches. She goes into details about what she’s chosen for each superhero inspired outfit (if you click on the links below they go directly to her site to each outfit). Anyways, she’s one of my new favorites, i’m looking forward to more of her sketches. 



i need all of these, i would wear them all.

Oh god, let’s talk about how much I want all of these.

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Men Photographed in Stereotypical Pin-up Poses

‘Men-ups!’ by photographer Rion Sabean

This. Is the best thing.

never not reblog men-ups

always men-ups

forever men-ups


Loves it!

 I’m really diggin this.

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A completely new way of waking.  An alarm clock that wakes you with pleasure.

The lowest settings are almost imperceptible. The Little Rooster does not wrench you from your sleep.  

Then the power slowly increases.  The Little Rooster wakes you gradually, sensually, tenderly.

What makes the Little Rooster really special is that delicious semi-conscious state when you’re not yet quite awake. Other alarms tear those precious moments from you. The Little Rooster not only lets you savour them, it makes them even dreamier.  Whether you leap straight out of bed or let it run its lazy course, no other clock will wake you with this joyful secret thrill.

Fits your body perfectly.  The Little Rooster curves comfortably around your pubic mound, inside your knickers but outside your body.  The wide flat head stabilises the Little Rooster against your pubic bone and is exceptionally thin for maximum comfort.  The vibrating leg rests against your clitoris and labia.  No part of the Little Rooster is worn internally.  

Most women become completely unaware of the Little Rooster within a minute of slipping it into their knickers.  Toss and turn and it will stay in place.  You can even walk around wearing your Little Rooster.  Can be soothing for long journeys.  Please do not use during take off and landing.

Fully personalisable.  Adjust how gently it starts, how intense it gets, the snorgasm level, how long it lasts.  The Little Rooster has thirty power levels, for precision pleasure.  The motors even run while you set them, so you can tell exactly how powerful the feeling will be.

Snooze.  The classic way to catch an extra wink.

Snorgasm.  A pleasure-snooze, as gentle as you wish. Lets you drift off and enjoy a ten-minute erotic slumber.

Play.  Slide the switch to ‘play’ and it’s a stunningly shaped variable speed two-motor pleasure toy.  Take control once you are awake - or whenever the mood takes you. 

Two motors for extra throb.  One motor feels great, two is something else. They interact with each other, throbbing, pulsating. If you’ve tried a dual motor pleasure toy before, you’re probably a convert. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.

And extra power.  The Little Rooster’s stimulation goes from butterfly to beast.  

Twenty seven silent settings.  Plus three extra powerful “turbo” levels.  For those moments when intensity is the the only thing that counts.

It is perfect for early risers. Waking you with pleasure, it bothers no-one else with noise.  The Little Rooster is the most considerate alarm clock in the world.  If only altruism were always this much joy.

And if you wear earplugs, or sometimes worry you won’t hear your alarm, the Little Rooster is ideal for you. 

Flat – not curved – where it counts.  Many pleasure toys are curved.  The Little Rooster’s base is flat.  Whether you are waking or enjoying an erotic break you will love the Little Rooster’s intimate closeness. 

Beautifully shaped from sensual polycarbonate.  One of the most beautiful, sensual production materials in the world, both in how it looks and how it feels.  You would almost want to put it down your knickers even if it didn’t vibrate.  And it looks so innocent it could be your bedside clock between uses.  You can even set it just to beep.  If you really want to.

Safe.  Fully tested against every eventuality.  And unlike many pleasure toys, the Little Rooster contains no phthalates.

Uses green PWM technology.  Designed to use less electricity.  Contains rechargeable batteries.

Patent Pending. Design Registered.  There is nothing else on earth like the Little Rooster.

Comes with a 30 day money back no quibble guarantee: Try it for a month. If you decide to part with it for any reason, return it to us and we will promptly refund the full purchase price as well as your cost of posting it back to us.  We believe that once you’ve tried the Little Rooster, you won’t want to wake any other way.

The Little Rooster.  Why wake any other way? 


Is this—

I think it—


Yes it’s an alarm clock for your vagina.

Mana. Wants.

*puts on wish list*


*take out cash*

Well damn.

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Men Can Stop Rape’s new College Bystander Intervention campaign.

Actual good anti rape campaign posters! They don’t shame victims, they ask people to examine their own actions and inactions and protect their friends. And not in a gross excuse for chivalry either, just as people keeping people safe.

I like this. 

Yep I agree. I also like how it’s not tying a man taking action around rape to some imaginary alpha male/hypermasculine sort of thing. Like a real man would do such and such.  

Hey look! It’s an anti-rape campaign based on being a decent human being! In all seriousness, this is marvelous. I bolded the above for emphasis.

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